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Where can I use PERFECTHA®?

Feb 09,2019

The Perfectha range is comprised of five variants, each specifically developed to for different treatment areas. This is ideal for treating various stages of ageing: from the first fine lines to the deeper folds, volume restoration, facial contouring or a full-face rejuvenation.

Fine Lines & Superficial Enhancement

The Perfectha range contains products utilised to reduce the early signs of ageing and for more subtle corrections: Perfectha Finelines and Perfectha Complement. These two products are indicated for superficial facial lines and depressions like forehead fine lines, barcode lines around the lips and crow’s feet.

Medium to Deep Wrinkles
Perfectha can also fill deep facial lines like the ones around the nose and mouth, and the frown lines. These wrinkles are caused either by gravity and loss of elasticity, or by facial movements. Perfectha Derm and Perfectha Deep are ideal for this type of wrinkles.

Volume Restoration & Contour Definition

The Perfectha range also contains variants designed for volume creation and redefinition of facial contours in areas such as the jawline, the chin, the cheekbones and the cheeks. Depending on the degree of sagging of your skin and the area to be treated, your doctor will either suggest Perfectha Subskin or Perfectha Deep.

Apart from the face, Perfectha Subskin can also be used for hand rejuvenation. The hands are the part of the body that is most exposed, along with our face. However, the hands are most often forgotten in relation to self-care and pampering. Hands become a key area that can “give away” your age, as they lose volume.


Correction of key facial features

Perfectha is also ideal to correct areas like the nose, around the eyes and the lips.

As aging leads to volume loss and tissue laxity in the lower eyelid, dark under-eye circles start appearing, giving a tired and sad look. Perfectha Finelines and Complement can help rejuvenating that look.
Perfectha can also help providing volume and delicate contouring to the lips, to give a fuller pout.

Another central area of the face that can be treated with Perfectha Deep or Perfectha Subskin is the nose. You do not need to undergo surgery anymore to correct your nose and get a natural-looking result. This is what is called “non-surgical rhinoplasty”.

All Perfectha® gels provide an immediate effect, which reduces the risk of overcorrection by the practitioner and gives the desired volume with a small amount of gel, for a more natural finish.


Intended Uses:

Perfectha is a line of resorbable hyaluronic acid (HA) gel implants intended for reconstructive purposes in the treatment, for instance, of facial lipoatrophy, or morphological asymmetry associated with the aging process or other underlying conditions. Perfectha is for intradermal and subcutaneous application and is implanted in the areas of the face and hands to fill skin depressions and also for the augmentation of tissue volume.


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  1. Denise Druziani

    The Perfectha Deep Acid Hyaluronic can be used by Hyaluronic pen?? Thank tou.

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