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How would you define beauty?

How would you define beauty?

A tailor-made range of “Made in France” Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers designed for wrinkle correction, facial contouring and volume restoration, offering immediate natural-looking and long-lasting results.

The effects of ageing

Understand how we age, and what can be done to slow the process

Sinclair’s Expertise

Provide new approaches to aesthetic dermatology including skin lifting, collagen stimulation, and next generation dermal fillers

How a treatment is conducted

Learn what is involved with a Perfectha® injection

Authentic Aesthetic Podcast

Through candid discussions, Authentic Aesthetic brings together some of the most sought-after physicians in the aesthetics industry to discuss everything from what a patient can expect during a consultation to a variety of treatment options, such as non-surgical rhinoplasties and rejuvenation and beautification through collagen stimulation.

The views expressed by guests are their own and do not represent the opinion or recommendations of Sinclair Pharma Ltd.

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Instant, Lasting Results

Discover Perfectha® same day results

Valerie, 43 Years old

The results speak for themselves. Look through our gallery to see how Perfectha® subtly delivers a more youthful-looking appearance instantly

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