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What is Argan oil?

Oct 14,2019

Argan oil is growing in popularity and to some, it is even known as ‘liquid gold’ in beauty products. It can be found in both skincare and hair care and has received plenty of praise from celebrities and influencers alike.

Argan oil is harvested and extracted from the kernel of the argan tree, a tree that is endemic to Morocco. Argan oil has been used for centuries, both in food and for cosmetic purposes. Extracting argan oil is an extremely tiresome and manual process. Each kernel is crushed manually by hand, ground into a paste and then further pressed into an oil.

What are the benefits of Argan Oil?

There are plenty of benefits ranging from helping dry and damaged hair to numerous skin problems and conditions. The oil has a high content of phytosterols, which have anti-inflammatory properties. This makes the oil ideal for psoriasis, acne and eczema. On top of that, argan oil has a high content of vitamin E, Omega-6 and antioxidants, which makes it nourishing and healthy for both the skin and hair.

If you have tried coconut oil and unfortunately experienced bad skin as a result, it is due to the fact that it clogs pores. In contrast, argan oil does not; it is hydrating without causing irritation, and is good to use on your skin and can also be used all year round.

How do I apply Argan Oil?

Use argan oil sparingly, with just a few drops this product goes a long way. Add a few drops to your palm, rubbing both hands together gently and then apply to the area.

Which product should I buy?

As with many trending ingredients, many brands and products are now trying to incorporate this amazing ingredient, using the oils name to launch lower quality products. In many of these products, the argan oil is either fake, diluted or over-processed.

  1. Check the ingredients – 100% argan oil or 100% organic spinose kernel oil; if anything else is listed, then it is not pure.
  2. Check the bottle – the best way to preserve argan oil is in a dark coloured glass bottle. Be wary of products in clear or plastic bottles, as light breakdowns key properties in argan oil
  3. Price – is the price looks too good to be true, it probably is, as extracting argan oil is extremely laboursome.
  4. Smell – Moroccan produced, cold-pressed, organic argan oil should have a mild nutty scent. Be wary of oils with very strong smells or if they are odourless.
  5. Texture – 100% argan oil it smooth and silky, and it absorbs into your skin and hair rapidly; within a few minutes.

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